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"We at Isky Racing Cams do recognize the absolute neccesity to regularly test critical engine components such as our Endurance Valve Springs and Roller Lifters. That's why we created the most rigorous realworld endurance test ever established, the grueling Spintron® 1,000 Racing Mile Endurance Test Standard™. The first and only one of its kind in the industry, it's a test with a "Zero" Failure Tolerance, because its either pass or fail for our Racing Valve Springs & Roller Lifters-there is no gray area in between! If they don't measure up,we won't sell them-period! We have to,because we know you're depending on the lskenderian family name to deliver the absolute maximum endurance possible in all of our valve train components. Your peace of mind and continued customer loyalty are of primary importance to us and you may rest assured we will never "cut corners" in our efforts to bring you the World's Finest Endurance Racing Valve Springs and Roller Lifters. Our reputation rides with every set!"
- Iskendarian racing cams website

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