Spintech Mufflers

Spintech Mufflers

Spin Tech is now the dominant muffler in open wheel competition. It's not uncommon to find 80% of the field using Spin Tech mufflers. Some of the most prominent people in open wheel racing report that Spin Tech mufflers are the "best muffler they've ever tested." From Portland to Tucson and Eastward, Spin Tech is there every lap!

In late 1998, Spin Tech embarked on a new advanced technology for the drag racing industry that would ultimately spill over the high performance street market.

For the hot rod enthusiast, Spin Tech developed affordable oval exhaust system components that had previously only been used in big league stock car racing. From 2" to 5" oval systems, they are already finding their way down the 1/4 mile approaching the 200-mph mark.

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